Saturday, November 14, 2009

I found the mother lode

So you guys all know about Homestar Runner, right? Of course you do.

Well before Homestar hit it big, the site's co-creator Matt Chapman ran another site called ThoraxCorp, which was a tongue-in-cheek parody of corporate scams and the dot-com-boom of the late 90s. (It hasn't been updated in 7 years!) Hidden deep within the site, there is a directory of mp3s you can find here:

Most of them are rap songs Matt did when he was in late High School early College. Think "Check Your Head"-era Beastie Boys. Methinks this was an early inspiration for Coach Z's amazing freestyles.

These peoples try to fade me!

But the directory labeled "TNY" is filled with awesome indie rock songs Matt recorded with his old band The New You. "Drunken Astro" seems like a Pavement-inspired song, and "Here's Where Things Turn Around" takes a page from Superchunk's book (lots of Mac McCaughan high notes)

No wonder their parodies of Indie and Hip-Hop culture are so dead on!

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